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Ultimate desktop enhancement. Allows to pin window, duplicate, minimize to tray, box, setup window transparency
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8 July 2013

Editor's review

When working on our Windows PC we often need to perform a set of tasks for which there are no standard buttons available. For example if you wish to add an application window to dock in the system tray you would have to do that manually. Keeping in mind several such functions, the eXtra Buttons 2.2.5-beta application add whole set of new options onto any Windows caption with an eye on improving your productivity.

The eXtra Buttons 2.2.5-beta application includes a slew of options aimed at giving you quick shortcuts to difficult tasks. For example tasks like moving a Window to another monitor, in a multimonitor system, can be achieved at the press of a hotkey. It includes several basic action buttons like Always on top and bookmarks to add applications. Further interesting options like Transparency and Minimize to Box, adds to its repertoire. You can choose to set the buttons you need by using the configuration menu. From the list of available buttons you need to select the desired buttons and use the Add button to create your desired button set. It is important to note that button sets can include both common options along with Windows menu which includes options like send to back and rollup etc. In case you are not sure about of any of the options you exercised, you can always revert back to the default options. The extra buttons get seamlessly aligned with the Windows menu and existing theme and you can hardly notice any difference as compared to standard buttons. The application incidentally uses native OS functions and is compatible with all current Windows iterations.

Overall the eXtra Buttons 2.2.5-beta comes across as rather useful piece of software which can improve the way your work on your system. Owing to its well thought out feature set, we mark it with a score of 3 rating stars.

Publisher's description

eXtra Buttons helps to organize your workspace and improve your productivity. It adds a couple of features to the title bar or the system menu of the windows.
Includes following features and tweaks :
* Always on top - places window on the top of the other windows, so it is always visible whether or not it has the focus.
* Send to back - places window under others, so it will not bother you.
* Copy window - starts a copy of the application as the new window.
* Roll-up/Unroll - minimizes window to its caption, so you can see only caption line with the title of the window.
* Minimize to Box - minimizes window and places its icon on the Desktop in customized place.
* Transparency - makes the window transparent according to adjusted level. You may adjust any default transparency level.
* Percentage transparency - makes the window transparent according to percents from pop-up Transparency Menu.
* Minimize to Tray - minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray.
* Minimize to Tray Menu -minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray Menu.
* Move to Another Monitor - places the window on another screen.
* Click through mode — makes the window transparent according to adjusted level and also transparent for a mouse activity.
* Full screen — opens the window so it covers whole screen. Very helpfull with applications which do not support full-screen mode natively.
* Bookmarks — adds the application or folder to the adjustable Bookmarks list and provides quick access to the most frequently used applications.
You will love eXtra Buttons if you really appreciate your time and like to keep things organized!
eXtra Buttons
eXtra Buttons
Version 2.2.5
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